The Hidden Secret to Getting YouTube Views


What’s the Hidden Secret to Getting YouTube Views?

All the hype today on YouTube is about getting big. According to statistics, about 100 hours of video content is uploaded every MINUTE. That means everyday, over 857 solid weeks of video is uploaded.  That’s a baffling amount! With so many competitors, how does one get “noticed” on YouTube? There’s 1 major thing that 90% of content creators overlook, and it’s completely screwing them over. The hidden secret to getting massive YouTube views is coming your way.

Quality, Not Quantity

That’s the overlooked secret! Too many content creators nowadays focus more on uploading a set amount of videos rather than focusing on the quality of their videos, which is the most important thing. Thought out, quality content is what attracts people to your videos.

Sure, quantity can do the same thing in some cases, but if your videos are completely crap people aren’t going to stick around and subscribe to your channel. Quality content = views; views = subscribers; subscribers = even more views & fans; more views and fans = money. Long story short, if you want to be a big YouTuber and you want to make a living off of it then you have to have quality content.


What Defines Quality Content?

“Quality” can be defined in many different ways, but there’s 5 basic steps I go through to decide whether my video is of quality level or not.

The Top 5 Steps to Improving Video Quality
  • Think out your title, description, and tags – are they relevant to your video? Are they good keywords that will bring traffic?
  • Attention-grabbing thumbnail – The cover picture on your video is a very important aspect that cannot be overlooked. Is the thumbnail catching peoples attention? A good thumbnail can be a make it or break it aspect in your content.
  • Intro & outro – do you have either of these? They’re not a necessity, but they sure help. They’re also good spots to put annotations for people to look at more of your content.
  • Audio levels – can people hear you alright? Are you speaking clearly? Is the background noise too loud or too soft? These are questions you need to ask yourself while editing.
  • HD – is your video in HD? If your video isn’t in at least 720p, then you need to change that. Just having the option to have your video played in HD looks very professional.


If your videos don’t have at least 4/5 steps, then you need to take a step back and revise everything. Put yourself in the viewers position. Would the video impress you or would it make you hit the back button? This is genuinely good way to gauge whether or not your videos are on the right path.


Quality, not quantity – remember that! There’s no problem in uploading a lot of videos as long as they’re all quality. This simple, easy to follow tip could be the only thing holding you back from getting that 1 million subscriber plaque from YouTube. BUT, you’re also going to want to learn what the best microphone is for recording video… So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get making quality content!

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