The Toolshed

This page is a compilation of the different tools I have in my toolbox that helps me produce or rank my content. I’ll be updating this page as I find new and amazing tools to help you.

I also have products listed that I didn’t like and why that’s the case.

Keep in mind that not everything costs money, and I’ll mention if it’s free or has a free trial.

Table of Contents




Buyproxies – I started to using BuyProxies not too long ago after not being very impressed with SquidProxies (see below). I use the semi dedicated ones which seem to never get banned on Google and are amazingly fast. You can also choose between proxies dedicated out of the USA or Europe.

SquidProxies – I’ve had some proxies from Squid, but they always seems to get banned quickly from Google. They’ve also seemed to have a hard time in rank tracking software, and seem to get stuck with ease. I bought a couple shared proxies from Buy and they ran circles around the private ones I rented off of Squid.

Social Media


TSupremacy (Free Trial Available) – Twitter has never been easier. It will tweet & retweet, mass follow & unfollow, is completely anonymous, and the best part is you get a 3 day free trial to make sure it meets your expectations!


FollowLiker (Instagram Edition) – This is definitely one of the cooler programs that I’ve found. It has the ability to run multiple accounts, use proxies (see above for a proxy list), do the typical likes and follows, and much more (see the list on their product page)! This is just the edition for Instagram though. You can also get it for Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Mass Planner (Free Trial Available) – This program is similar in features to FollowLiker, but it’s all online based meaning you don’t have to keep your computer on all day  in order for it to run. It’s highly customizable and it’ll even let you schedule posts along with their caption for a future date.

Instagress (3 Day Free Trial Available) – Instagress is great. It’s like Mass Planner in the terms that it’s all online based. The down fall is it’s not as customizable in comparison with Mass Planner or FollowLiker, though it is cheaper. You have to buy time for each account, and 30 days costs about $10.00.


FriendBomber (Free Trial Available) – This is an all-in-one sort of program strictly for Facebook. Though it is a good program, it’s extremely expensive coming in at $400 for the program, and $99 monthly after that. If you’re okay with paying that much money, this is the program for you.


Video Creation

Fiverr – Fiverr is one of the best services out there when it comes to cheap labor. I’ve had intros, logos, and other design and video editing done for me there. And all for a mere $5 (if you don’t get extras in a gig)!

Video Editing Software

Camtasia Studio – This program gets the okay for 1 major reason – it’s a 2 in 1. For the price, you’re not only purchasing editing software but nice recording software as well. The editing software is relatively simple to use, but it’s not the greatest for complex editing. The recorder is also great, but it’s not the best for recording any big games.

Adobe Premiere Pro – This, along with After Effects, is my personal favorite editing software. It’s flexible and allows you to get the job done, no matter what’s needed. It also has the convenient feature of allowing 3rd party plugins to help you along with your editing needs.

Video Studio Pro – In my eyes, this is similar to Sony Movie Studio Platinum (see below), but it doesn’t have as many features. It’s very simple and easy to use, and will definitely do any simple editing you wish to get done. On top of all of that, it’s also a very cheap program as compared to others.

Sony Vegas Pro – I’m sure you’ve heard of Vegas before. It’s one of Premiere’s top competitors and does a really nice job with yielding high quality video. I personally prefer the looks and ease of use of Premiere to this, but it will definitely accomplish all of your needs without a problem.

Sony Movie Studio Platinum – This is like a simpler version of Vegas for those who don’t wish to learn all of the intricacies that program has. Along with being simpler to use, it’s considerably cheaper which is always appealing. It really makes for a good starter editing program for anyone new to video production.

Video SEO

TubeBuddy (free version available) – My personal favorite when it comes to browser plugins. This plugin will simply do it all! From keyword research, to helping you make a thumbnail, and even doing mass edits across all your videos. TubeBuddy doesn’t violate YouTube’s TOS making it safe to use. This is one that everyone should have in their arsenal .

VidIQ (free version available) – When it comes to giving you helpful viewer insights, this plugin is the way to go. Simply connect your YouTube account to them, and you’ll be able to see new traffic trends, user statistics, and more! Upgrading to pro will even give you the estimated best time to upload, a breakdown of your competitors videos, advanced keyword research, and dozens of other features to help grow your audience. Well worth it!

Heartbeat (FREE) – Though this plugin isn’t as feature rich as the other two, it can still offer some cool insights. It can give you estimated earnings, estimated subscribers and views gained per month, and even who is monetizing the video. Heartbeat can even serve as quite the spy plugin to view estimated statistics for your competitors! This saves a lot of frustration by showing you what your viewers want you to make videos about, making it easy to get tons more views for your video efforts.