Easy Ways To Use Reddit To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Or Videos

Reddit has become a well-established form of driving traffic for years now, but it can be hard to figure out what techniques work the best.

We’ve all posted on places like this and hoped for good results just to learn that it’s not going to yield anything.

Well, no more of that. Today you’re going to learn some of the best techniques you can apply to your own blog or videos to drive massive amounts of traffic from Reddit.

What You Will Learn

  • The basics to Reddit
  • What karma is and how your posts are ranked
  • White hat and black hat ways to gain link karma
  • How to find the perfect subreddit

As a whole, Reddit isn’t too terribly difficult to understand. There are a few little details you should know before you begin posting, though.

Also, you should understand that like with anything else on the internet, Reddit is never a guaranteed success. You’ll likely have a lot of failures before you get your big success, but that’s just life.

The Basics Of Reddit Explained

Lets just start with the most basic question – what is Reddit?

Simply explained, it’s an online “newspaper” where anyone can go and post what they find interesting.


Furthermore, there are these things called “subreddits” which are areas created for specific types of posts. As an example, this is to prevent classical music being posted in the same section as SEO as they’re entirely unrelated.

The great (or potentially bad) thing about all this is the readers decide what posts are good or bad by voting. These votes can either be upvotes or downvotes, and your posts score is the down votes divided by the up votes.

You should note that for the first couple hours after you post, your posts score won’t be display. Reddit says this is to prevent a “bandwagon” assuming your post may become extremely popular.

You’ll also notice a little number by your username. This is referred to as “karma” and is basically there to signify how many people have liked what you posted.

Having a good amount of karma is crucial when trying to drive traffic because it’ll help your posts rank better. But how do you gain link karma?

Gain Reddit Link Karma – White Hat

Yeah yeah, we all know white hatting can be a little bit boring and more time consuming than black hat. This method isn’t going to cost you any money though, so bear with me and keep reading.

Alright, so, how does one go about getting link karma without running the risk of getting in trouble?


First, Reddit says on their FAQ that the best way to gain karma is to post awesome links. One of the best ways to do this is through pictures.

Find a subreddit that’s in a niche similar to something you’re interested in and proves to be easy to find awesome pictures for.

Once you’ve found a good subreddit like /r/EarthPorn, find some good pictures that are highly visually appealing. You can find some of these by either going through google images, searching Tumblr, or any other sites that have pictures easily linked to.


If you have some pictures you own and want to gain karma that way you can find an image sharing site, upload your image, and submit the link they provide.

Once you have a good picture posted all you can do is sit back and wait. This is a rinse and repeat sort of method, and with good enough pictures you’ll build karma

Gain Reddit Link Karma – Black Hat

Alright, on with the fun stuff! Obviously you should know proceeding with these methods could result in a ban, but that’s half the fun and it does typically yield faster results.

There’s 2 main things you can do here:

  • Buy link up votes via Fiverr
  • Buy an account that already has a lot of karma

Buying up votes on Fiverr is probably the cheaper of the 2 options, but you have to be more coordinated with the seller when you wish to do this.


I recommend to find a reliable seller on Fiverr and get into contact with him/her (try to get in touch via skype if possible for real time conversation). From here you can come up with a time to post so you can immediately get the up votes to your post.

The reason for doing this is so it appears to Reddit that your post immediately looks to be more popular. If your post doesn’t seem to be going anywhere after a couple hours, it’s a lot less likely to hit the front page.

If your post hits the front page of your subreddit it’ll make your $5 purchase well worth the money spent, and you’ll get a lot more up votes and karma than you purchased.

Buying an aged account is the second option. Though it’ll probably cost you between $100 and $200, you’ll have a trusted and aged account that you won’t have to tediously get the karma for.

I’m not going to provide a direct link to anyone’s website regarding buying Reddit accounts (unless I’m promoted), but you can follow my exact Google search here.

Whatever option you decide to go with, it’ll be well worth the price of admission. You’ll soon be on your way to driving massive traffic to your website or videos!

Wrapping It Up

Long story short, Reddit has been known to drive thousands of targeted traffic to your site if done correctly. This is also another awesome way to increase your viewers on YouTube on top of SEO optimization.

If you follow these steps and stick with it persistently, you’ll be well on your way to getting new readers or viewers to your content.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have below and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

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