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Tube Mastermind Review

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I will be doing a Tube Mastermind review to show you the genuine reality behind this product. Recently, I’ve been getting great deals of e-mails concerning this specific item. The typical concerns at: can I rely on Tube Mastermind, is Tube Mastermind real, or can I make 10k per month utilizing this item? For that reason I chose to write a Tube Mastermind review.

What Exactly is Tube Mastermind About?

Tube Mastermind is a training program developed to teach you the best ways to make money online by creating YouTube Channels and monetizing them.

This item has actually been around since June 2015. The only reason why Tube Mastermind isn’t very popular is because the majority of people are intimidated by having a YouTube channel. People are wondering, “How in the world can you earn a living by simply producing YouTube videos?” This is why I’m bringing you the Tube Mastermind review.


In fact, there are tons of people making a full-time living entirely off of YouTube, and I’m not talking about $2,000 a month. I’m talking $10,000+ a month!

Did you know YouTube is among the most popular websites on the internet? To be more specific, it’s the 3rd most visited website – right behind Google & Facebook. YouTube is getting BILLIONS of views every day, making it the perfect platform to make a living off of.

There is a substantial “pool” of traffic there for you to monetize from. The best part is you don’t have to invest great deals of money on anything. All you may need is a video camera, computer system, web connection and A LOT OF enthusiasm.

What Does Tube Mastermind Teach?

  • Ways to produce professional YouTube videos that are engaging to your audience.
  • The best techniques to increase the variety of views & customers.
  • Professional ways to utilize your enthusiasm and create full-time earnings.
  • Various money making techniques and approaches to increase your earnings.

The emphasis of this program is the 6-step action procedure, which I will be entering into during the Tube Mastermind review below.

  1. Step #1: Specific niche Discovery.
    This is going to be the most vital step that will decide whether you will be successful or not. The entire focus of this program is to turn YOUR enthusiasm into cash. Simply put, you need to choose something that you are enthusiastic about. When you have chosen your niche, you will then find out the best ways to monetize your enthusiasm.

    A few niches, such as gaming, are too saturated, indicating there it has really high competition. The chance of outranking them and making lots of money is slim. However, don’t worry. In this step, Tube Mastermind will teach you the best ways to select a specific niche with low competitors without having the have to discover it on your own.

  2. Step #2: Video Production.
    If you have little to no understanding of producing videos, this will be extremely important to you. Like I said previously, if you do not have to invest lots of cash to produce expert looking videos, you can learn how to produce converting videos to make good money without having o hire a professional.

    Another issue with beginning a YouTube channel is creating variation in your videos. If your channel has just 1 video or has 100 videos that are all extremely comparable, then you are not going to bring in great deals of viewers due to the fact that it’s just BORING.– Ways to tackle this issue and get unrestricted concepts is something that will be taught to you in this specific step.

  3. YouTube-SEO

  4. Step #3: Channel Branding.
    Developing a brand name of your very own is going to be an extremely important step moving forward since this will help you scale your company resulting in more money. For example, if somebody sees your name or your channel name, they should understand who you are and exactly what is your channel is about.

    So how will it help you grow your business?

    If you are currently involved in YouTube and wish to grow your earnings, you may want to develop a blog and social media accounts. Google & Facebook are incredibly popular so you will have the ability to get lots of traffic from them as well.

  5. Step #4: Publishing.
    Rendering videos and publishing them isn’t going to get high rankings on YouTube. Rankings are going to play an essential function in getting traffic.

    Exactly what do I mean by rankings?

    You will constantly need to strive to obtain the number one position, which is where you will get the most the traffic. If your video is on the last page, you most likely won’t get a single view.

    There is more to it than simply releasing it. You have to enhance them through an effective title, tags, close-captioning, and description. You will learn how to do all of this during this step.

  6. Step #5: Promotional Techniques.
    In this step, you’re going to find out the best ways to promote your channel/videos to acquire more views and customers. You’ll discover how effective YouTubers promote their material. The concept here is to copy and reproduce their methods so you can see comparable successes.
  7. Step #6: Money making.
    This is the part you have been waiting for!

    This step will consist of techniques on the best ways to get $1 each month for every single visitor you receive. If you can get 1,000 customers, that resembles $1,000 each month on passive income. It’s just a matter of scaling your business to make more money.

All of these steps are linked together. It’s not encouraged to skip any of them and go straight to step 6. You have to follow along from step 1 to completely comprehend how the procedure works.

How Much Does Tube Mastermind Cost?

The initial cost of Tube Mastermind was going to be $197/month. However, they have actually marked down the rate to $47 per month. You have the choice to pick the length of time you wish to stay a member.


If you wish to cancel after the very first month, you may. However, bear in mind that you will not have access to the members location, extra training, regular webinars, and one to one assistance. I would learn as much as you can and do put it into action the very first month to get the most out of your money.

But it doesn’t end there. Tube Mastermind consists of 2 upsells.

  1. Authority Siphon: The Authority Siphon costs $127 (one time fee). It’s your call to make. Authority Siphon will teach you how to utilize targeted traffic from YouTube to generate income by promoting affiliate offers, develop an e-mail list, and more. Simply puts, it’s an alternative approach to increase your profits.
  2. Branding Upgrade: This is going to cost you a $67 (one time fee). You will go thorough training on how to construct and develop a strong brand for yourself.

Like I said before – if you’re not interested or prepared for these yet, you can just decline them and concentrate on the main training. Those are sufficient enough to help you begin making passive income.

Tube Mastermind Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional Detailed Training: All you have to learn about beginning a YouTube Channel is in one location. You are not needed to purchase any extra items or look for hidden details.
  • 60 Days Cash back Warranty: Given that this is a ClickBank item, they use a 100% refund for whenever within the very first 60 days.
  • Legit Chance to Make Earnings: Billions of individuals check out YouTube daily. There is absolutely potential to make lots of money there. There are individuals who have actually developed a brand name on their own on YouTube and are making a great money.


  • Upsells. They didn’t discuss anything about this in their sales page. I would choose that they transparently discuss such things prior rather than showing them in the future.

Tube Mastermind Review – Last Thoughts

Tube Mastermind is absolutely a legitimate item that’s has lots to use. Although it’s a bit expensive, it provides exceptional training and resources.

If you’re interested in learning YouTube inside/out, Tube Mastermind is certainly something you must think about getting. YouTube is just going to get more competitive over the next few years, so this is the very best time to get a “piece of that pie”.

Nevertheless, if you feel that video marketing isn’t your specialty, I would recommend that you begin an online company. Keep this in mind while looking over the Tube Mastermind review.

I’ve come to the end of my Tube Mastermind review. I hope this evaluation have actually offered you a clearer viewpoint on what this item is about. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with us in the comment section below.

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