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Long Tail Pro

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  • 10,000+ keyword searches/month
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  • Keyword Competitiveness Score


  • Expensive

If you are trying to find the very best keyword research tool to support you and your online service then I am going to make the presumption that you understand the value of keyword research, selecting the most appropriate keywords that have low competition and a high quantity of searches. This is why I’m bringing you a Long Tail Pro review.

With that being stated, let’s start my Long Tail Pro review where we will be examining the effectiveness and efficiency of this tool in 2017. I will likewise be comparing the functions & performance together with other market acknowledged keyword research tools in this Long Tail Pro review.

However, who am I and how am I qualified to make such vibrant declarations & conclude exactly what is and exactly what is not the very best keyword research tool presently on the marketplace?

I have actually been utilizing keyword research tools, such as Long Tail Pro for years. Keyword research tools provide unequaled performance that functions as both convenience & revenue generation for discovering low hanging fruit for brand-new sites.

Exactly what is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is an Adobe Air desktop based application that utilizes the Google Keyword Tool to pull through keyword information about a particular sub-set of keywords that the user has an interest in examining.

Utilizing keywords (as much as 10,000+) you can rapidly develop out an extremely pertinent list of associated keywords that will be shown together with their regular monthly search volume, the typical Adwords CPC, marketer competition & the Long Tail Pro keyword competition metric.

Long Tail Pro enables you to rapidly, effectively and efficiently develop targeted keyword lists based upon certain niches. With this information you can then evaluate each keyword by its search volume or more significantly Long Tail Pro’s keyword competition metric.

Keyword Research Tool

The best function of Long Tail Pro is it’s capability to produce a ‘keyword competition’ metric which figures out the level of problem a keyword has.

How is the keyword competition metric computed?

Similar to how Moz Keyword Analysis tool works, LTP analyses the specific keywords and utilizing in its estimation the following metrics:

  1. URL
  2. Title
  3. Page Authority
  4. Page Links
  5. Juicing Page
  6. Domain Authority
  7. Moz Rank
  8. Page Rank
  9. Site Age

Long Tail Pro will produce a keyword competitiveness result varying from 0-100, with 1 being the most convenient to rank for and 100 being very hard. In my experience most of cases keyword competition ratings vary from 10-55.

What is a great Keyword Competition rating?

If you choose to try Long Tail Pro, I suggest searching for keywords with a competition metric of less than 25 for brand-new sites & approximately 40 for aged sites. If you’re searching for relatively quick keywords to rank for then this is the way to go.

Is the keyword competition metric readily available to all LTP consumers? Unfortunately, to get to the Keyword Competition metric you have to have a regular monthly membership to Long Tail Pro this costs $17 each month.

Long Tail Pro isn’t the only tool with a distinct keyword competition metric…

Up until now, we have presented Long Tail Pro & discussed it’s special function the ‘Keyword Competition’ metric. Nevertheless, Long Tail Pro is not the only keyword research tool that has it’s own distinct competition metric. Moz have actually established their own metric that is merely called “Keyword Problem”. This is a percentage-based metric, the greater portion the metric is the harder it is to rank for.

If we were to compare the keyword competition metrics of both Moz & LTP, I’d state in my experience that LTP has actually been reputable. Nevertheless, a keyword research tool can not merely be examined on this one metric. To provide an unbiased review of Long Tail Pro we have to dig much deeper into the use of the tool.

Long Tail Pro can be broken down into 3 core locations, these are:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Rival Analysis
  3. Rank Checker

Long Tail Pro Review: Keyword Research Function

As we pointed out, it can produce a list of keywords you have to include several seed keywords and click create keywords. There are a couple of various functions you can utilize. You can import a list of seed keywords from an external source and filter the outcomes by variety of words in the question.

As soon as you click create, Long Tail Pro typically takes in between 1-3 minutes to scrape the keyword list. This depends upon the kind of seed keywords you use and the scale of the outcomes. After the outcomes have been provided, the information offered is essentially a perfectly set out variation of Google keyword coordinator. The only distinction is if you have the regular monthly membership then you can compute the private keywords LTP competition metric.

Long Tail Pro Tool

The capability to include keywords to a preferred tab and erase unimportant keywords is no big benefit over Google keywords. Merely exporting information into an Excel sheet and utilizing your very own filters/formulas to hand select the most appropriate keywords.

The biggest benefit of Long Tail Pro’s keyword research function is the ‘keyword rival’ metric. Sadly it’s not readily available for all Long Tail Pro users.

Long Tail Pro Review: Rival Analysis Function

This is among the better functions of Long Tail Pro. It enables you to evaluate the leading 10 online search engine results for a specific keyword. By computing the competitiveness of a keyword, you are provided a range of outcomes.

This is really beneficial information to utilize when figuring out the competitiveness of a keyword. This function gathers and assembles all the above information in an extremely simple to comprehend table structure.

As a standalone function, it does not use a huge sufficient benefit over any of it’s market rivals. If you bought the month-to-month membership you would not just access to the information above however likewise have a keyword competition metric for the keyword you were examining.

If the keyword analysis function to be of any substantial advantage, a rival analysis tool has to have the keyword competition metric. Without the KC metric, Long Tail Pro’s rival analysis function has a time conserving aspect to it, however it’s just not helpful enough.

This brings us on to our last function in our Long Tail Pro review, the rank checker that we have actually not formerly gone over. For anybody who recognizes with SEO, you would comprehend that having a tool to examine rankings of your site for it’s target keywords daily is important. Well, Long Tail Pro has a function that can do simply that.

Long Tail Pro Review: Rank Checker Function

For those knowledgeable about rank monitoring tools, Long Tail Pro likely isn’t the first tool you would have seen. Nevertheless, Long Tail Pro does have an inbuilt function enabling you to do precisely that, which certainly is convenient!

How does it work?

It’s extremely basic. You include the domain URL & keyword, along with the nation where you are attempting to rank for. After this, just click check rank.

As soon as the results come in you will see the position number stand for your site and the target keyword within Google, Yahoo & Bing.

It’s a basic function, however that doesn’t stop it from being helpful and a good feature in long tail pro.

Rank Checker Function: 8/10

Long Tail Pro Review: Problems

I’m going to be blunt here. I have used Long Tail Pro for a while but I haven’t seen an upgrade that had any substantial changes. Likewise, I have yet to discover a fix to its most significant issue – the failure of Long Tail Pro to regularly restore information.


Sadly, after lots of emails back and forth with the Long Tail Pro assistance group I still have concerns. I will produce a brand-new project or attempt to dig into a currently developed keyword set with brand-new seed keywords. The keyword analysis function will reveal the load box however merely not do anything.

This is the greatest issue in my viewpoint. While it doesn’t stop me from utilizing Long Tail Pro it does cause some unneeded aggravation. Apart from the concern I spoke about there isn’t any other issues with Long Tail Pro.

Who should buy Long Tail Pro?

First, this is great if you have an aged site and you’re trying to gain more organic traffic. I would recommend Long Tail Pro in this case.

Second, if you’re wanting to develop a new site, use a number of seed keywords in Long Tail Pro. This will help you see exactly what results you get. Not exactly sure exactly what to begin with? Consider the subjects that intrigue you most or think about the important things you are most enthusiastic about. After that put some seed keywords together and click go!

Finally, if you’re an online marketer then Long Tail Pro can be found convenient. It helps when trying to gather information set of keywords to bid on.

Essentially, if you invest your time doing keyword research in the Google Keyword Organizer, then attempt Long Tail Pro. It really can help you to dominate the search results and start making money online.

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