How To Easily Increase Twitter Followers


Twitter is definitely up there when it comes to popular social media platforms. This is great and all, but when it comes to trying to get followers, well, that’s a lot easier said than done. Worry no longer though, as I discovered the easiest way to get twitter followers out there.

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We, as human beings, have been trying to make things easier and easier to accomplish since the beginning of time. So, what better than to be able to grow your twitter fan base automatically?

A program mentioned over at The Toolshed is TSupremacy. This is an extremely powerful tool that you’re going to need if you want to compete with the other major pages out there.

It can do mass followings/unfollowings, clone other people’s tweets, and SO much more. The most powerful part of the program (in my opinion) is its ability to scrape other users tweets that have a certain keyword in it. This can be used in so many different ways around the program, it’s crazy!

Begin to Grow Your Follower Base

If you haven’t already, you can download TSupremacy here (there’s a free trial available). Open that bad boy up and lets get to work!


You can see there’s a couple different things to work out of on the right side. The 3 most important are under “main” – Accounts, Proxies, and Schedule.

  • Account’s are simply where you add in account information and sync the account(s) (oh yeah, you can manage more than one account at a time!), then run jobs out of.
  • Proxies are exactly what it sounds like. Go into there, then you can add, test, clean, and delete any proxies you may have just gotten or are no longer good.
  • Schedule is my second favorite part of the program. From here you can schedule the program to post tweets to your account at different times, follow & favorite other users, and more. You can even have it clone tweets from other accounts, reply to people, direct message users, and mass unfollow people you’ve followed already.

I know what you’re thinking – this sounds cool and all, but what use is it if you don’t know what to do? Good thing I’m willing to help with that.

Knowledge Is Power, But So Is Automation

I’ve found that there’s 2 good ways to get followers – following users and favoriting users tweets.

Don’t be dumb though. Make sure you do this to users tweeting/following an account that’s in your related niche.

I have an account I tested this on that posts pictures of nature. I would go around and favorite tweets & follow users that were interested in a niche relevant to mine. This is proven to have over a 200% better return in followings than when you try to get the attention of users not specifically talking about your niche.

No one wants to sit around and do this by hand, but don’t worry! TSupremacy has your back. For this example I’m going to follow users, but favoriting is done in a similar manner.


In the top left menu, click on twitter. Then go down and hover over follow and click on “followers”.


In the field that says “@twittername” put the name of the user that you would like your account to go to. From there, it will follow users that follow the account you gave the program! You can set how many users to follow in the number box to the left of submit.


And voila, the program is following users as we speak! The number in green (to the left of the progress bar) represent the number of successful follows. Red corresponds to the number of failed followings.

Give the users a day or two to follow you back. Not everyone will, so don’t worry. After that day or two has passed, go ahead and unfollow them (right below follow in the Twitter menu).

I used this exact method for just a couple hours. It brought an account with a mere 70 followers to having well over 230!

Keep in mind that if you mass follow too many people, your account has the chance of getting flagged. To avoid this, go ahead and favorite people’s tweets instead, though I haven’t found it to be quite as successful.


So Much To Do, So Little Time

This program still boggles my mind as to much much it can do. The mere ability of being able to scrape people’s tweets is amazing, let alone all the other features.

I really can’t explain everything it can do, so just take a few minutes and get to know the program. I know you’ll be as impressed as I am.

As I mentioned above, make sure you’re careful with how you use this program. If you do too much of anything, it’s likely to get your account flagged, possibly banned. No one wants to start over, but that’s just the risk you take. Hopefully you agree that this time, it’s worth the risk.

Oh, and did you hear that Google+ is shutting down?

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