6 Easy Ways For Teens To Make Money Online


It’s difficult for anyone to make money online nowadays, especially as a teen.

I’m here today to tell you that it’s not necessarily as hard as you’d think. In fact, there are tons of things you can do to make money online while underage.

The opportunities are there, you just may not know exactly what to search for or how to effectively execute them.

Luckily for you, today I’m going to show you 6 easy ways for teens to make money.

What You Will Learn

  • Easy methods for anyone to start making money online
  • What these methods require (if anything)
  • The most effective way to execute them for maximum profits

You may be wondering why you should trust anything I have to say in this matter.

I mean, who am I to you?

The fact is I’ve been making hundreds per month as a teen off of one service you’ll read about later on in this article. You can read about it in detail at Matthew Woodward’s site here (link coming soon).

Alright, cool. Hopefully I’ve given myself a little credibility so stop asking yourself those questions and let’s get on with the article.

Make Money Online As A Teen

Yes! We’re to the good part….almost.

I feel obligated to tell you none of these methods are guaranteed to work. Nothing like this is ever guaranteed to work in all honesty.


But the bright side is the more work and effort you put into making it work, the more likely it is to work. Persistence is key.

Now that we have all of the boring legalistics out of the way, let me show you some awesome ways to make online bucks!

Sell Services On Fiverr

Fiverr is hands down my favorite online service to make money off of. In fact, it’s the one I mentioned above that’s making me hundreds per month.

It’s not that difficult of a thing to set up and make money of off, either.


You simply put up what’s known as a gig that features a product or service you can sell to people for $5. You also have the chance to sell extras for more money, so you won’t necessarily only make $5 off each sale.

Fiverr can be a “hit or miss” sort of service so not everything you offer will sell. I have a more indepth article you can read about Fiverr and its seller levels here.

Complete Surveys

Ah yes, the age old method of making money by surveys.

There’s a couple of services you can use that are well established money makers and legitimate businesses:

  1. SwagBucks – they’re an all online rewards system. Simply do the things you’d normally do online such as search the web, answer polls, etc.. You’ll gain points that are redeemable for free gift cards, PayPal credits or pre-paid Visa cards.
  2. Survey Savvy – they’re similar to SwagBucks in their rewards system. You earn money per survey you complete. However, you’re not guaranteed anything with this service as all of the surveys are by invite only. The more completed your profile is, the more likely you are to receive a survey.

These are all great ways to gain some start up cash online as they don’t require much.

Both of these sites are well established, have been around for years, and have given millions to their users.

In fact, some teens report to have made thousands of dollars just off these 2 services!

Listen To Music (Yes, This Is Real!)

I was just as excited to find out this was a thing as you are.

I’ve never met someone who didn’t like to listen to music, so why not utilize this love and make some money with it? A site called MusicXray makes that possible.


You simply have to sign up for a profile and give accurate descriptions of your musical taste according to the questions that are prompted.

From here you’ll be introduced to new and inspiring music creators in a genre similar to what you’re interested in listening to.

You’ll receive emails for new songs similar to your taste, and you’ll be paid a minimum of 10 cents per song you listen to. Easy!

Dropship To eBay

This is a method that requires a little risk and a little bit of cash in the bank before hand.

If you don’t know, dropshipping is simply taking products from Amazon and reselling them at a higher price on eBay. Once you get an order, you buy it on Amazon and have it directly shipped to their address.


Free shipping will help you to acquire customers, so using products with Amazon Prime (2 day free shipping) and having a Prime account is highly recommended.

If you’re worried, I’ve only had 2 people ask about getting a product shipped from Amazon. You can just simply tell them Amazon is your fulfillment center and they ship for you.

I do recommend to have a management service for price fluxuations on Amazon so you don’t lose any money. My favorite service is Pricematik as it’ll automatically adjust prices for your items according to a profit margin you’ve set.

Write Articles

If you don’t really like writing then you should obviously skip this part.

On the other hand, if you like writing and you’re good at it then this is a good way for you to make some money writing for other people.


Sites like Fiverr, Etsy, Freelancer, and many more allow you to sell your writing services for a price.

The better you are, the more you’ll get paid. In fact, I’ve seen people who have worked their way up to a professional writer get paid $75 or more per hour. That’s quite good money for typing on a keyboard!

Make YouTube Videos

This is really where my online adventure began. I first made some gaming videos 4 or 5 years ago as they’re super easy to make.

If your content is good and you develop a following, you’ll eventually become eligible to be a YouTube partner. This means you can hook up an adsense account to your YouTube account and begin displaying ads on your videos.

The more view your videos get, the more money you’ll make.


The gaming niche can be highly profitable as long as you can gain some traction as you can easily put out a video or more per day. In just a couple weeks you could have over 20 videos all gaining views and making money.

The only downside to Google AdSense is you don’t get paid until you make $100. You can partner with 3rd party networks to get paid sooner, but this can be risky so do your research before signing any contracts.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, there’s a lot of different ways for people of any age to effectively make money online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen, an adult, or an old person. These methods work effectively for all age groups and don’t require much.

If you have any of your own experiences you’d like to share or have some questions feel free to comment down below!


  1. Hi Jesse – Great article as always! Since reading this about 6 months ago I explore the possibility of undertake Amazon to eBay selling further and have had good success. I started off using profit scraper but recently switched across to PriceMatik. This was predominantly as a result of price. I’d be interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts or experiences? Thanks

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